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Looking for Mitoraj's unknown man in Milan

While exploring Milan in search of Polish influences, I came across the remarkable sculptures created by Igor Mitoraj, who spent most of his life in France and Italy. Mitoraj's sculptures are deeply rooted in the mythology and history of Greece and Rome, evident even in their titles such as Icarus, Centauro, Eros, Mars, Gorgon, and Paesaggio Ithaka. Art critics have observed that while these sculptures evoke the timeless beauty and ideal proportions of classical art, Mitoraj reimagined them in a contemporary context. He intentionally introduced imperfections and cracks on the surface of his statues, offering a visual commentary on the flawed nature of humanity.

One of Mitoraj's sculptures, a bust of an unknown man, can be found on the Piazza del Carmine, facing the Santa Maria del Carmine church. Like all of his other works, this bust exhibits deliberate damage and cracks, yet it portrays a man with flawless classical proportions.

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