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Three Wise Men Festival

Today, we celebrate the feast of the Epiphany, also known as The Three Kings' Day. This tradition is widely recognized on the European continent, but it is scarcely observed in Anglo-Saxon culture.

While the tale of the Three Wise Men remains consistent throughout the continent, each country has its own unique traditions associated with January 6th. For instance, in Belgium, bakeries across the country bake and serve bread adorned with a crown on top. Conversely, in Italy, the legendary Befana—a witch who had the chance to visit the baby Jesus alongside the Three Magi—takes to the streets.

In Poland, on the other hand, vibrant processions of the Three Magi traverse major cities and towns, culminating in the presentation of their gifts to Jesus. This event serves as a commemoration of the biblical narrative depicting the Magi's visit to the Christ Child.

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